When this is over we will all have something in common

big-low-t.tumblr.com Said:
When this is over we will all have something in common. Every single person in the entire world. It will not matter what race you are, what your sexual preferences are, what religion you worship or even if you don’t have any beliefs. When this is over we will all share a common bond. We will have survived. We will have endured. Many of us will know some people who didn’t make it. Many of us will have caught the virus and came out the other side alive. We all now know what it means to be “essential.”

We must take this common bond, as humans, and make the world a better place afterward.

Take the chance to change what it means to be human.

Well said, don’t you think?
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The Purpose of the Mysteries

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“We shall understand little of the purpose of Masonry unless we know that of the older systems out of which it issued. That purpose was to promote and expedite the spiritual evolution of those who desired the regeneration of their nature and were prepared to submit to the necessary discipline. Thus the work of the Ancient Mysteries was something vastly more serious and momentous than merely passing candidates through a series of formal rites as we do to-day. Their great buildings, which still survive, were assuredly not erected at such immense labour and skill merely to provide convenient meeting-places, like our modern Lodge premises, at which to administer a formal rite at the end of a day devoted to business and secular pursuits . The mass of Initiation literature and hieroglyphs available to us reveals how drastic and searching was the work to which candidates were subjected under the expert guidance of Masters who had previously undergone the same discipline and become competent to advance their juniors. (cont. page 2)