This comment in the list for this post says it all.


I just checked the current numbers and Japan is averaging only 3.1 infections per 1M people. Only 462 cases detected in the entire county, only 28 of those were serious, with 6 dying… in the whole county.

With a population of 127,000,000 your current chance of infection is 0.000363%

So it’s a panic but not a pandemic.

Damn! So I now have a cold. It’s a terrible taste in my lungs that only took a few days to germinate and I figure it’s the bug my best friend has.
I’ve been using alcohol hand sanitizer like crazy and still probably picked it up from surfaces in his truck.
It’s spooky because of the two cases of Covid 19 in Utah, one was in our county. It’s most likely just an everyday cold but I’m going to ask my Doc for a test anyway. The President’s emergency budget has made it so anybody who asks for a test from their physician can get one, until they get mass testing setup in parking lots of a few of major chains like Walmart, Target and I forget who else. Better safe than sorry. I used to chain smoke until I got emphysema. It went away after being cigarette free for a few years but my lungs are still a bit hammered from chain smoking 18 to 45 years old.
I also got cancer, and the tumor was removed successfully but I’m still spooked about having it show up again in some other place.

The testing is important because of the potentialities of the virus, but this panic caused by labeling it a pandemic in order to get government funding going isn’t helping. Stocking up and staying out of public as much as possible is good but panic hording is only making those who don’t panic and stock up before supply is depleted to go without stuff.

This really is something rarely seen since the lines in the 1920s when the crash happened. People are funny about things. Hopefully things will blow over soon on this. It’s probably just starting though. We may see some martial law in the states like Italy has now with people confined to their homes for awhile.