Happy Sunday

Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning (Closed Captioned)

Hope everyone has great Sunday. Here’s a nice Sunday morning song to get my day going, and hopefully inspiring to some of you also. Inspiration must be paired with action, or it’s not manifested. Thanks to all you faithful followers / ‘likers’ who have stayed with me as my daily blogging slowed to barely existing, as I adjust to my new living situation and a change in my personal “pharmacology” that has me adjusting on multiple levels. The details of which would make for an interesting blog post on it’s own. I think maybe it’s a bit too personal but maybe not… I suppose that would be a matter of what it contains and just how deep and detailed I get with it….

Happy Sunday.. updated

Here’s wishes for you all to have a great day of the Sun!


What a morning it’s been already
Had 4 hours of sleep because…
Dog got me up at 4:00 AM-ish to potty
My best laptop has a severe crash
Blue screen crash.. like wtf??
My last ex’s now ex,
posts personal crap on my Fb wall.
I’m exhausted and it’s only 8:30 AM.
I’m going back to bed so ttyl folks.

Updated because I changed a meme graphic that was my original choice.
Moody as hell and frustrated as fu**…. but I’m determined to have a great Sunday anyway! Just a wee nap should help, but I’m caffeinated to gills.

Happy Sunday Morning

Time to stop the crazy world roll… All you TP hoarders. lol.
Worry about a possibility can make it happen through visualization, just like Wiccan candle magick. So,… it’s time to get out of the stream instead of fighting the current. Cosmological astrological forces are strong right now, but not unstoppable. Birth signs and current astrological energies are the natural forces effect on the masses flow, but you can choose to overcome the impulsive flow, and keep control. Astrology is simply sub-quantum partical energies, just like quantum being sub atomic. I saw a Gaia channel show talking about the ethereal and/or spiritual worlds being something sub quantum particle theorists are now trying to map. Like gravity it can be overcome. So let’s all visualize the world getting over the peak effects of mass hysteria and taking it easy.