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Damaging Quake, Sun Controls Lightning, Galactic Sheet Model, Space Weather News Mar.22.2020 Suspicious0bservers

It’s a shame that there isn’t anybody watching these morning news videos close enough ( Except Ben Davidson ) the guy who makes these) to catch his hint’s about this blog. His rhyme the other day to see if I remembered to add the poem – #hashtag, because I use them heavily and that is why he’s watching. They work, and the – rhyme – was roll on the floor funny because he knows all these poets (are probably skipping the actually watch the video part and are just loyal…. I’ve been a loyal fan posting him at many Tumblr’s, Twitters and Google plus (before it was discontinued) for nearly the whole time. 8 years ago I started learning from Ben. If you watch them please add an emote,,, ***or comment in the comments below to say if or not you would want to be listed as a supporter) so I know who to link to on my Suspicious Observers info page under construction.

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Freedom in the minds of men

It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an angry, tireless minority, eager to ignite hotbeds of freedom in the minds of men.

(Samuel Adams)

Pictured: passive resistance to British occupiers by Gandhi’s followers.

Freedom and Consciousness of mind is God given.
The power of will is electric, and ideas are lightning.
Spirit is a quantum energy that shapes time and space.
The more it is unified, so is the shape of the world.
Ascension Alchemy
-Alchemical One

Suspicious0bservers News Feb.16.2020

Sun Controls Lightning, Major Flood Outlook, 
News Feb.16.2020

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