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Large Plasma Filament, Solar Sign Confirmed | S0 News Sep.30.2020


This video would have fit perfectly in the post that I was complaining about the nature of Scientists and science world competition. Ben gave a nod that you’ll have to watch to appreciate. Scientist’s Hubris and how they favor their own beliefs and ignore the ones that don’t fit in what they believe to be their paradigm of real science to hold.

Scientists precisely measure total amount of matter in the universe

UC Riverside-led team’s technique relied on determining the mass of galaxy clusters

Science doesn’t explain the better part of the world around us, let alone the galaxy and universe, and it makes my religious best friend, (Mormon) say its all bull and we aren’t meant to understand.
Mormons believe in heaven they will be God over their own planet or solar system. That belief made my father so egotistical that he felt so far above everyone he couldn’t recognize reality if it hit him with a sledge hammer, and because I didn’t believe it, I was and am dammed to a lower sphere of heaven he would never visit me in.
Both are full of shit and you can only take what’s useful of of either in this life and ignore the rest or it will make you crazy. imo

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Gulf Storm Risk, Magnetic Excursion Core, Solar Forcing | S0 News Sep.13.2020

Nothing particularly interesting, other than Ben again complaining about somebody’s scientific paper containing things that the same scientists said was wrong when Ben submitted it years ago. Scientists are even more ruthless and competitive than metal head musicians I swear. If your ahead of the game and aren’t afraid of being told your wrong, you get laughed at until you are proven right, and if somebody thinks they can steal the credit for a discovery, they will certainly try. They all want to be famous.

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Nova Trigger, Space Lensing Mystery, Van Allen Belts | S0 News Sep.11.2020

Direct to you from Amberwood lane in Colorado Springs its “Space Weather News” with Ben Davidson. NASA will soon be hosting it’s own Space Weather Forecasts soon. People who have been part of Ben’s group will be involved.