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Ben Davidson semi gloating about being right about climate change well ahead of the pack.

He's got the right, although I find him to be obsessive about it. In a field like science where most are fearful of being proven wrong, he's unafraid and well ahead of his peers, but do you have to say "Told you so every damn day?  Gee's dude, were getting the picture. Seriously though mainstream Climate Science has an agenda to make the government happy.
Climate Science Collapses | Top Journal Ices the Cake

In the big picture it’s not about getting warmer or more likely colder. To me it’s about change in intensity in both directions. Were not going to be alive long enough to see which way it goes in the long term. In our lifetimes we will see it swing up and down, and storms will continue to intensify.
We need to see preparations for that, not a bunch of studies to try and map the long term results of the global weather. As for solar oriented storms, everything should have been built to withstand EMP as well as possible from the early days of the technology. Were eventually going to see solar oriented issues intense enough to destroy electronics, be it a micro nova or electromagnetic plasma storms due to galactic triggers like the sheet.
Were going to see everything “fly by wire” come down during an event strong enough to throw electromagnetics into a frenzy and that doesn’t mean a huge disaster has to happen. Events like the Carrington Event,
(The September 1859 geomagnetic storm (also known as the Carrington Event) was a powerful geomagnetic storm during solar cycle 10 (1855–1867). A solar coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth’s magnetosphere and induced the largest geomagnetic storm on record on September 1–2, 1859. )
are fairly common in the big picture, so why not prepare as well as possible in our reliance on our devices? Well it’s because to few common people understand how likely every lifetime will see something similar. As we loose our electromagnetic shield, and as we get hit by solar events triggered by things like the galactic energy sheet that we are now starting to move into, we will see our dependence on electronics to be the greatest weakness the human race ever fell into. Even if its a relatively small event, it will cause at least some satellites to fail. Some of these nuclear powered monsters like Hubble have enough radio active material to sterilize the whole planet if it comes down. As the older nuclear satellites end their service, they fly them out far enough to keep them from falling down.
The possibility of one or two satellite accidents has always always bothered me from the time I learned what a bunch of plutonium spread through a burnup in lower space / higher atmosphere could do. We could accidently nuke the planet as bad as a small nuclear war pretty easily. The history of electronics malfunctioning should be the first thing in mind as they were put up there in our quest to understand science and the universe through space. The thought of “best priced electronics” in government financial thinking scares the hell out of me.

Climate Change <– playlist for those who want to be fully informed about the truth, instead of what the government wants you to think.

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“New” Nova Trigger, Solar Storm Continues, Electroquakes

“A transient accretion high state.” When we do get hit by something be it a micro-nova, a plasma storm, or CME, it will be no different for satellites and all other EMP sensitive gadgetry.

As for todays weather here… It’s bloody cold but that’s fall in the Rockies.
These cold snaps are painful for my arthritic damaged spinal disks issues.
While I’m happy to reduce my pain meds as far as possible in warm weather, the government’s push to lower opiate addiction has my Dr loosing sight of the original goal….relief.


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Suspicious0bservers  News Feb.19.2020
 Solar Storm, Big Weather, Star-Planet Magnetism

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