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Seeing as my reblogs of Gabriela are the most liked of all my posts, I’m sure some of you will definitely will click the –> link <– and vote right now. If its not your first inclination to vote, would you please click here and read the poem and if you like it please vote.

From short-prose-fiction on March 26, 2020 

My Dear Readers,

My poem the “biblical sense of to know” runs first for Publication of the Month at Spillwords Press. Will you please vote for me again?

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Via: Will you vote for me again? at Spillwords Press NYC — Short Prose

I know my loyal followers and liker’s will click… Thank you folk for taking a second to click a couple of links. Her stuff is wonderful and she deserves every click. She has filled my days with beautiful words, and I tried to pass that beauty on to you all and never knew it would attract so many poets with so many more beautiful words from you talented writers. In this time of world wide fear and upheaval these words that make us think of beauty, happiness and passions and help both the readers and the writers feel better by giving an outlets for the pent up stress we all are experiencing. You’ve all helped me express and cope better with all the current intensity in my life. Thank you all for your support. The strange synchronicity and the apocalyptic feeling everyone in our mountain valley got spun into by our earthquake just after they decided to class it a pandemic still has us all thinking,, whats next?? This year has been like that for everyone to some extent. The more we come together and support each other the better we cope with this intense time of of unrepresented change and potentiality of death. It’s the same for everyone, for someone we all know is at very high risk at this time and we have contemplated the loss.
Sorry for my bluntness.
Stay well and stay close to your higher power.

Don’t forget to vote for Gabriela. 👍❤

Poetry book Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings coming soon at Vita Brevis Press. — Short Prose

Via: My poetry book Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings coming soon at Vita Brevis Press. — Short Prose

My poetry book Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings coming soon at Vita Brevis Press under the pen name Gabriela Marie Milton.

From the back cover:

“This is a mesmerizing collection of poetry. Gabriela Marie Milton’s lines teem with life, passion, and introspective courage.” 
Brian Geiger, editor of Vita Brevis

“With lush language and lavish imagery, Gabriela Marie Milton evokes a fantastic world ripe with emotion.”
Christina Schwarz, the author of the New York Times Bestseller “Drowning Ruth.”

I am deeply grateful to the Italian poet Flavio Almerighi for translating some of the poems included in this book in Italian.

I am also grateful to all of you for reading my work and supporting me in my journey of poetry.


@short-prose-fiction (Gabriela Marie Milton)
please read my Spillwords Author of the Year (2019) interview here 

Very cool Gabriela!

Friday the thirteenth #poem #poetry — Short Prose

don’t wait for me
please find another lover
I’m riding camels with the Bedouins
I’ll enter Alexandria by morning
the day Mark Anthony committed suicide
don’t wait for me
please find another lover
I’m in the Île de la Cité
on Friday the thirteenth
the Friday which forever will be feared
the smell of burning flesh is choking me
the Knights Templar are shedding…

Friday the thirteenth #poem #poetry — Short Prose

“waltz” a poem by Short Prose

You can find it here — featured in Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen

I waltz into an empty ballroom
yesterday the ghost of Maja haunted Goya in the streets
hungry demons haunted you
effervescence, the molecules of those who’ll never be,
a door gets slammed
a key gets turned
the breath of earth is choked
my hair gets caught deep in the coldness of the stars
my fingers trace a rainbow in the inky sky
I buried our wedding bands
inside the mist of that which never is
I snow on you white flowers from the one forbidden tree
I jump like a wild lynx
I look for prey
you make pianos sneeze old rhapsodies
it is too late to understand
who’s me

© 2019 Gabriela M. Who can be found here @ “waltz” — Short Prose

wooden bed (rewritten) — Short Prose


I know some fields
in which the poppies smile
when blonde sunsets play classical guitar
I know the coffee shop in which you stop
the gypsy lady who foretold our luck

I love you
and I’m sorry that you fell in love with me…
now please listen,
I do have to go
remember our waterfall we liked so much
don’t sell the wooden bed in which we first made love
the dress embroidered by my mother’s hands
save the letters that my father wrote before he died
and do not cry

I’m rushing
guards are coming
my wrists will be soon stamped
yours forever,
from a concentration camp

Via: wooden bed (rewritten) #poem #poetry — Short Prose

Poem “the biblical sense of to know” published by Spillwords Press – Short Prose

the biblical sense of to know
born in a summer that never existed
nailed to the cross of your poems
I’m losing my mind inside the blue night
I reach you in dreams you do not understand
It hurts when I’m there
It hurts when I’m not
I ask for the help gravediggers can grant
I wrote I love you on a note that I locked
It wasn’t a snake, it was an iguana
the night the tango nuevo played its guitar
on fifteen decades I counted my prayers
my fingers were naked
my fingers were gloved

Found on spillwords press here

VIa: “the biblical sense of to know” published by Spillwords Press #poetry — Short Prose

deep one…

Love games #flash fiction #prose poem #short prose — Short Prose

I strolled along that large corridor whose walls were decorated with portraits: trophies of your love games.  You fed on those loves, didn’t you? You overextended. Overextension kills empires. I bet you didn’t think that it could kill real love too.

Every night the fleshless arms of your love games crawl on you like fire ants.

I know misfortune when I see it.

I know it because I am not a saint.

Hope? If there is any left it must be on another corridor.

Follow me.

read her 2019 Spillwords Author of the Year interview here
@short-prose-fiction (Gabriela M)

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Love games #flash fiction #prose poem #short prose — Short Prose

seduction #poem #poetry — Short Prose

Via: Short-Prose-Fiction

the rhythm of castanets awakens the moon
on opal rings your kisses spin
a cricket’s hitting a crescendo
waves tattoo dark shadows on your skin
sonority, you who vibrates the souls
of those who haunt at night the Port of Cartagena

I toss in smells of apricots and plumes
the Hand of Fatima takes off my veils
your forehead sinks into the sweat of lovers
who sever their veins
oh, dream of the unknowns,
you, latency,
the sigh of blood which flows
in spring both mud and flowers grow

didn’t you know
that when you said I love you
you stepped on roads of fables and folk tales?
you glued your heart onto a purple sunset
smells of lilac and of roses, impregnated strolls,
it wasn’t me
it was you who stole his soul

seduction #poem #poetry — Short Prose

Published by Spillwords on June, 4 2019;

“the night of candlelight and wine” a collaboration from Gabriela M, and Francisco Bravo Cabrera #poem #poetry

A rose with thorns you wrap around my wrist

I tie your eyes with scents of mandarins

your heartbeats spiral red Cabo de Palos winds

your touches gallop on my wildest dreams

Valencia, garden where the lovers meet

where statues chant the prayers of the hours

and where some other winds,

perhaps the winds of Lent, not ours

will lift Mediterranean sands so we can’t see,

sighs of the future that the two of us could be …

Their hands clap bulerías por soleá

you and I, the same passion, we move to the same rhythm

your eyes undress a Carthaginian fountain

my hands undress a shadow, is that you?

we die in love as we had died before

in photographs that are not ours

in the port of Cartagena where we’ve never met

blindfolded looking for each other

like hedonistic lovers in the nights of carnival

we speak in languages known only by the flesh

this is the night of candlelight and wine

the night of gaps between the piccolos and tubas

you touch me with a branch of olives

I mark your skin with coloured glass

until the morning rises from the sea

and thus…

Valencia, look what’s happening to people like us.

Via short-prose-fiction and eretxa.wordpress.com

image: Eki, by Francisco Bravo Cabrera, oil on canvas, 40x50cm

Beautiful work you two. 👍 Such talented people, I’m a bit envious, I must admit. 😜

“the moon and I” published by Indian Periodical #poetry by — Short Prose

VIa: short-prose-fiction

In the green meadow by the lake,

the moon and I knit poetry of silk,

the language of the birds sleeps in the trees

like ripened fruits

your eyes are closed and faraway

the world rotates between two cherries and a kiss

stars rise over old memories of purple seas

like cherry buds

there was a glass of wine and an abyss

forgotten in the bloom of the first holy water

I tie your hands with ribbons made of dreams

I seal your chest with roses and with amber

oh, it’s midnight and I must leave

yet not before

on your shaved face

the moon and I

drop dew

and virgin violets

              ~ Gabriela M.
Published at http://indianperiodical.com/

Read her Spillwords Author of the Year (2019) interview here 
@short-prose-fiction (Gabriela M)

image: Kiselev Andrey Valerevich; Shutterstock; [link]