My Author of the Year Interview with Spillwords Press #author — Short Prose

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My Dear Readers,

I am humbled that I was voted Author of the Year at Spillwords Press.  Thank you to everyone who voted for me, and thank you to the wonderful team at Spillwords Press (NYC).

“…from the writings of the titans coming from the Latin American space to the writings of their counterparts coming from the Slavic space. Yes, I am an American, but I am also a child of Europe. I have been fascinated, mesmerized, frightened, brought to tears…” 

You can read my interview here: Author of the Year 2019 Interview 


I’m so happy for you Gabrela! It is so great to see you get rewarded for your talent. I must say again, it’s not only about helping you, it’s more that you have helped me by your spirit attracting the best followers. You add some of the right elements into my Alchemical boiling pot. My chemistry here would not be right without “Chemical Gabriela” so thanks for all you do! Congratulations again!

February 18, 2020 1 Minute

My Author of the Year Interview with Spillwords Press #author — Short Prose