The Sun, the hexagram, and Merkabah symbol

I noticed something most would miss in the pattern of current sunspots.
It’s not coincidence that the hexagram, and Merkabah symbol, fit the current active regions. The big red storm on Jupiter, the hexagram on the pole of Saturn, and the locations of the certain large volcanos on earth like the Hawaiian volcanos, fit the same points on the globes. Hexagonal geometry is fundamental to life, and the internal energies of the Sun and planets as well. Its’ said our bodies energies are also in a Merkabah shape.

Science can’t fully explain the strait lines of the circling storm’s borders yet.
I wonder if those who believed in in ancient times that the Sun and planets are conscious living beings they worshiped as God’s might have know something that was lost to time. That they truly are living beings. I certainly believe in Gaia, the spirit of mother earth.

Radio Jupiter, Galaxy X, Magnetic Reversal Extinctions | Suspicious0bservers News Dec.17.2019

As above, so below.
The toroidal magnetic field of galaxies, planets, and human beings.
Need I say more? Sacred geometry is applicable everywhere.
Highly relevant info in today’s SO news
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I tried to find graphics with both the toroidal magnetic field of the human heart and the hexagon of the Merkaba. So many out there I could hunt for hours for the perfect one. Here are a few from Google.

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