A week later….

My WP blog has been rather boring lately. I started thinking that about a week ago, and I planed to spice it up a bit. It turned out to be a bunch of drafts half finished, and just a bunch of Suspicious0bservers posts.
I need a new muse or to reinvest in my past ones. I have the potentially to be extraordinary, but have a hard time applying it though. I’ll procrastinate my death, just you wait and see…. Call it a Libra thing. lol

Moving finished up…

I’m done with my move, but only getting started with fixing the “Little Red Wagon” of my ex landlord. I’ve watched him rent to poor drug addict or basic party minded families for 12 years. He likes to put as little as possible into his two properties. I’ve been breathing aspergillus mold for at least 6 of it. 6 water heater floods from four apartments and he destroyed the seals on the 4 tubs by using a plunger on drain and overflow to try and remove clog,s and those seals can’t take that kind of pressure. He never pays for any service but a mom and pop rooter because he planted a tree right in the worst spot he could have concerning his sewer line. Literally dealing with tubs full of sewer constantly for years.
The water in the walls and foundation have aspergillus growing all over and I started getting ill years ago but had to wait four years for the subsidised housing to come through here at my new place because its a condo quality state housing complex.

Just as I was mostly though boxing and cleaning a huge mess from being sicker when cleaning the mess up, was just causing it to grow.
I had decided to let him pick it up. He thought he had already been paid and wanted to paint over the evidence. I told his daughter I was going to get county health in too see it. He had moved her into this health risk blind of most of his game and had poisoned her mind about me with lies before placing her like a chess piece in his game. No respect for his own family either.
He had thrown all my food and clothing, and valuable sentimental items in with the moldy trash, that I was contemplating letting him deal with himself.
I caught him just as he was finished with putting it on his trailer, and he called the cops with a bunch of lies. and it was a great day.

I will do a more in-depth set of posts about my decade in his hell hole eventually. Been working on it awhile….

Joan Jett 🖤| Transformation ❣️ From 6 To 60 Years Old 💖 ❤️💜💙💚💛🧡❤️🖤

You ever have crush on singers or other entertainers?
I tend to have many and get fanatic and obsessive.
Joan for me was junior high school through…. not so long ago at 55.
Settle down Vica 💚
I still love you too.


I am having complications with windows shutting down Bluetooth service. Even after uninstall/reinstall and driver updates windows shuts it down after a few minutes. I can usually fix windows issues myself but I guess I’m going to have to have somebody else who’s more up to date on the endless windows system upgrades and accompanying conflicts with system drivers.

I also think I had a case of food poisoning, and I must have shared whatever made me severely nauseous for a few hours with my dog.
His belly sounded as it was full of little alien babies about to break out. It didn’t seem to bother him but the noise was really intense for literally a few hours.
I’m glad there wasn’t any messes to clean up. I expected it to be bad but he didn’t even get diarrhea, just a lot of gas.
I on the other hand was wiped out by fever, upchucking, and dry heaves.
Slept for much of the last 30-ish hours.
I hopefully will catch up with my blogs and some of the monthly financials today. Gee it’s April already??
Hoping you all are doing great and I will catch up soon.

Happy Saturn-day

Got sidetracked this morning by a Russian associate I really like.
I also watched parts of The Whitehouse YouTube channels uploads over the last few days. I stole the official seal png graphic from the actual Whitehouse.gov site. It was a transparent png, but instead of a two color black transparency there was 3 colors and when you save it, its screwy looking like somebody was terrible with the paintbrush and not perfecting the transparency of the graphic, and then its saved as a non transparent image by the browser. This is how they “secure” the seal and keep people from using the original graphic via its web address, and make keeping a copy from the site from working. A beginner level webmaster trick.

It reminds me of when I did volunteer work, colored magazine quality Special Edition layouts and art work for a monthly black and white photocopy newsletter for the Utah State Office of the Consumer Council of county Consumer Advocates.
I handled the publication layout and art work, the printing office tweaking fixes and the State Consumer Advocate who oversees the county mental health representatives, she did the articles text editing and we did that part of the layouts together. She gave me access to the monthly meetings of the Consumer Council as long as she held the post of Utah State Mental Health Consumer Advocate in 1999- 2004. She succumbed to health issues from severe obesity and mental illness complications. She tried to send me to Washington DC for the yearly gathering of Consumer Advocates hoping I could distribute the newsletter, but they shot me down because I wasn’t officially in the council, just a bipolar ARMY Veteran volunteer with art and publishing skills. So typical of government. It would have been the greatest experiences to be rewarded for my skilled volunteer work but somebody saw the plane ticket to be worth more than my work for the council members who’s articles I added original art to that took months to get perfect. Typical also that it’s supposed to be a consumer watchdog office for The State Mental Health County Consumer Advocate Representatives, and their supposed to be a way for consumers to have one of their own for reporting grievances, missuses or abuse of patents by State Mental Health Employees to their higher ups at a state level. I believe after the State dealt with lawsuits on County Behavioral Health employees they may have got wise, and at a county level the Consumer Advocate is commonly some passive Behavioral Health Consumer Advocate that is thick as a brick and slow as a snail. Probably because county mental health offices appoint themselves a “safe” consumer advocate. Just sayen’ , but no proof of course.

Typical government reversal of the role by a sort of bait and switch tactical “cover your own ass first” then follow the law.

After Trump blew his temperamental ass tantrum on that Whitehouse reporter a few days back they obviously staged a couple of the questions at yesterday’s daily briefing on the pandemic. First a friendly question and answer with the reporter he had berated, then this ‘out of nowhere reporter’ never seen before asks POTUS basically the same question he blew up about. This time appearing in a different kind of family emotional perspective sounding very sincere, but designed to invoke an emotional response in the masses watching, and then the same perfectly worded response designed to endear the young and the family oriented. Trump only sounds that way when rehearsed. Even his typical memorized parts written for him and the contrasting colors of his improvised speech, and answers. His memorized answer was will above his intellect, and deigned to provoke a feeling in the world audience that makes him appear more repentant, humble and sorry for the outburst without ever mentioning the outburst that made him looks like the “I’m a rich holier-than-thou kind of asshole he can be at times. The staged reporter, he afterward had this “I hated to have to do that” and “what a jerk you are Donald.” emotionalism written all over his face. I will make some stills or video clips of it later on and update this post for you who want to see it for yourselves. (and proof the English errors I constantly make…

Instant Email notices glitch…

I just found the damn email filter that has been stopping my instant notices from WordPress. It was an automatic spam redirection filter setup by my email system. I funnel multiple email accounts into one reader and it was hiding along the path into the final box. I’ve been having to go into my post list by hand to see who has liked and commented for what seems like a week or more… Finally! Okay carry on.

Yesterday & Tomorrow

A little fun with Thursdays and Saturdays numbers.

022020200200 at 02:00 AM
022020202000 at 08:00 PM
022020202200 at 10:00 PM
022220200200 at 02:00 AM
022220202000 at 08:00 PM
022020202200 at 10:00 PM

YEAH too much time on my hands.
Couldn’t sleep on time, then I slept
through multiple alarms on my PC.

Hi Everyone — Poetry By Archangel White Wolf

I woke up today and noticed my follow count had taken a small hit no problem that’s life it happens they’re just numbers but then I get an email from someone complaining saying they’re unfollowing me because they don’t like that I’m so nice to people and only enjoy when I write about sadness. Here’s […]

Hi Everyone — Poetry By Archangel White Wolf

I don’t know why but that email genuinely hurt normally I take things with a grain of salt because unlike places like Twitter and Facebook the community here is overall a beautiful kind creative bunch of souls.

the community here is overall a beautiful kind creative bunch of souls.
I totally agree! “…a beautiful kind creative bunch of souls

This is the whole reason my blog has been a score of healing energies for me. My goal in this blog is to help others reach Ascension, and so far it’s me getting the help. What a bunch of great positive followers, and talented writers that this blog has been followed by. I truly count my lucky stars that you all have popped into this world of WordPress.