and…love… #love poem #poetry — Short Prose

and…love… #love poem #poetry
this night is jasmine and is sand
the trees are fingers with no end
the earth has eyes
the tears have thighs

you are the voice of lonely heights
I am the day without sights
a leaf is falling on my hips
into the air a form of lips

your touches hide in poetry
a flower faints with jealousy
your dreams taste like forbidden fruits
the sea grows almonds and grows roots

the story didn’t write its end
my eyes and yours are a blend

@short-prose-fiction (Gabriela M)

image: Vaclav Taus; Shutterstock; [link]

I should have been patient this morning.
Up at 05:00 AM and way too much Coffee.

❤ “In quoting others, we cite ourselves.” — Julio Cortázar

and…love… #love poem #poetry — Short Prose



Almost lovers — virginiacarvalheira repost of
inspirational poem, lead me to this incredibly beautiful song. So thanks to you two mutual followers for that.

Update: I’m thrilled at the response to this. I think I should have gotten started with development of this blog a long time ago and not wasted as much time at tumblr on useless blogs. Thanks folks!