Quote 19 — Alex Markovich

How many illusions does a person create in their lifetime?
It’s impossible to calculate.
Day in, day out, “I want this, I want that . . .”
Just a single stroll in the park is accompanied by incalculable illusions.
So that’s what it means to be “busy.”
“I want to be with you, I want to come home, I want to see you. . . .”

Kodo Sawaki

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Quote 25 — Alex Markovich

If you aren’t careful, you’ll start making a big fuss just to feed yourself. You’re constantly in a hurry, but why? Just to feed yourself. Chickens too are in a hurry when they peck at their food. But why? Only to be eaten by humans.
–Kodo Sawaki

Quote 25 — Alex Markovich