Suspicious0bservers Daily Sun, Earth, Space Weather Science News

Locusts, Galactic Sheet Triggers Cloud, Christmas Island Space Weather News Mar.24.2020

There is much more on page 2. This will be daily now, so that new viewers can catch up, and science minded individuals can go further into the data presented. Comments will be highly appreciated by those who are science oriented and those who aren’t so that I can develop a Space Weather Science page for those who are new to it. Most people have no idea that The Sun, Solar wind, lightning, Earths magnetism, earthquakes, Space it’s self, It’s all tied together and Plasma Cosmology has the answers.
I”m developing a page dedicated to Ben Davidson and his quest for the truth and his Spade weather science for the layman to stay informed on climate change truth.

Suspicious0bservers Daily Sun, Earth, Space Weather, Science News

Damaging Quake, Sun Controls Lightning, Galactic Sheet Model, Space Weather News Mar.22.2020 Suspicious0bservers

It’s a shame that there isn’t anybody watching these morning news videos close enough ( Except Ben Davidson ) the guy who makes these) to catch his hint’s about this blog. His rhyme the other day to see if I remembered to add the poem – #hashtag, because I use them heavily and that is why he’s watching. They work, and the – rhyme – was roll on the floor funny because he knows all these poets (are probably skipping the actually watch the video part and are just loyal…. I’ve been a loyal fan posting him at many Tumblr’s, Twitters and Google plus (before it was discontinued) for nearly the whole time. 8 years ago I started learning from Ben. If you watch them please add an emote,,, ***or comment in the comments below to say if or not you would want to be listed as a supporter) so I know who to link to on my Suspicious Observers info page under construction.

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