Glitchy browser issues

I’m having issues with following and giving likes and I have no idea why. Last time it was a Chrome browser issue that I could get around by using Firefox until chrome started working again but this time It doesn’t help. It seems to be oriented around just a few individual blogs this time, and not with all followers. So hey, don’t think I’m ignoring you if I’m not returning likes in kind as usual.

……….and 154 others followed your blog Alchemical One

So I passed the 150 follows milestone yesterday!!!!

The effort to develop this blog has started to payoff !!!

Thank you everyone for following, liking, commenting, and a big hug to all the loyal whom never miss a post. Please accept my warm and friendly feelings of gratitude and joy, that my effort has not gone unnoticed! + a kiss on the cheek for the few that followed from (and at) Tumblr.

Thanks for the likes :)

I appreciate all my followers and a big thank you to the everyday 5 to some days 10 who like everything I post. It keeps me motivated and means a lot! My subject matter is not always for everyday / everyone kind of posting. I LIKE THE FRINGE, I tend to walk paths few will take take. I will eventually attract a handful of other similar blogs, but people who are into deep esoteric, occult science, and Alchemy tend to be outsiders not joiners. Many are antisocial even when using social media. They are contradictions even to themselves if they haven’t actually learned to communicate with their guide spirits, and realize the influence of angels, demons etc, when studying these subjects. I just found a nasty comment from the blogger I re-posted the Divine Mind – Hermes Trismegistus post that was so nicely done. I forgot I was sort of prompted to turn on comment screening by my Angels one night and had completely forgot I HAD. I will respond to her privately. I also had some very nice comments I’ll post and email the commentators an apology. I will do my best to return the loyalty that has been shown to me! Thank you all so much!

Hi Everyone — Poetry By Archangel White Wolf

I woke up today and noticed my follow count had taken a small hit no problem that’s life it happens they’re just numbers but then I get an email from someone complaining saying they’re unfollowing me because they don’t like that I’m so nice to people and only enjoy when I write about sadness. Here’s […]

Hi Everyone — Poetry By Archangel White Wolf

I don’t know why but that email genuinely hurt normally I take things with a grain of salt because unlike places like Twitter and Facebook the community here is overall a beautiful kind creative bunch of souls.

the community here is overall a beautiful kind creative bunch of souls.
I totally agree! “…a beautiful kind creative bunch of souls

This is the whole reason my blog has been a score of healing energies for me. My goal in this blog is to help others reach Ascension, and so far it’s me getting the help. What a bunch of great positive followers, and talented writers that this blog has been followed by. I truly count my lucky stars that you all have popped into this world of WordPress.