소원 (Hope)- Yoon Do Hyun (Eng sub|Han|Rom)

I watched this Korean movie “Hope” about an 8yo child named Hope today.
Abducted, tortured and abused to the point of permanent disabilities, the storyline at first made me I’ll.
The recovery is very sad, quite bittersweet dramatically, and eventually somewhat hopeful and happy.
The emotions over my father passing that had been mostly suppressed, came to the surface over and over.

I have to say I’m glad I can feel those feelings fully. I was on SSRI antidepressant meds for about ten years.
I got off them because of some side effects a year or more ago and I’m glad when a movie or music makes me feel something. Serotonin reuptake inhibited into a sort of overdose causes extra synapsis to form. I felt everything multiplied by a factor of who knows how much for a long time. It basically hasn’t really normalized fully.

I think medications… big pharma anyway, is a racket. They never bother to discuss side effects because they don’t want you to be influenced by both the known, and the possible side effects, other than the becoming numb to certain feels.