Donald the sitting duck Trump.

As China gears up to nuke the moron with missiles we publicly admitted to be behind the cutting edge as we ended cold war readiness. China more interested in trade until Trump started talking about China in a cold war stance over Covid19… Brilliant idea Donald Duck Trump Card. Talk to the press in the noise of a military turbine engine on one of the largest helicopters in the US military. He doesn’t think things through to the next few moves on the chess board of war, and doesn’t realize the consequences of every word spoken by the leader of the free world. Stupidest POTUS ever.

Dumb Donald is starting a ideological war with China, says a Chinese government mister, and we will return it with War. "All options are on the table."

This is very subtle but very intense. They are saying their not afraid of a real war. Kicked our journalists out for the bigotry shown to CHINESE REPORTERS in the states. The ideological WAR Trump has created with his quote “Cold War Ideological colored glasses”. Saying in effect that Trump as blind to the current world stage and progress that was during the cold war.  Ending it and opening trade between our two countries and peaceful trade is currently being destroyed by his bigotry towards China, like his temper tantrum and bigotry toward that NBC press agent who asked Dumb Donald “What would you say to those Americans who are scared of the virus?  Trump called him “A terrible reporter, who asked a terrible question. and ranted about Comcast news being a con job.

Things are only just begun it seems. Numbers rising exponentially world wide and Trump tells the Chinese they should have acted two weeks sooner to reduce the impact here, while Dumb Donald reacted to slowly afterwards because he want to campaign first hoping to protect his popularity over the protection of American lives. Blowing up on Whitehorse reporters in response to some articles out there saying “Your a treble reporter” in response to the question “What would you say to the Americans at home scared of the virus?”. A great chance to give a pep talk like saying “It will all be over soon.” or “were making great headway so hang in there”.
Trump’s no positivist. He is a chauvinistic relic of the cold war.
To quote Judi Dench as M in Goldeneye…