Don’t do suicide

Via Fb: I was telling a friend how depressed I was missing my son.

Don’t kill yourself today:
Because your Netflix trial still has a week left

Don’t kill yourself today

Because no one else will finish off the chicken in the fridge

Don’t kill yourself today

Because I know for a fact that Starbucks is releasing a new Frappuccino sometime next month

Yes, your mother will miss you

Yes your bully will make a sappy Facebook post about how what a a wonderful person you were

And yes

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem

You know that

You’ve known that

Everyone and anyone has been shoving that down your throat since they first learned what the word suicide meant

So don’t kill yourself

Until you finish your shampoo and conditioner at the same time

Don’t kill yourself

Until Doctor Who is finally cancelled

Don’t kill yourself

Until you tell someone your best pasta recipe

Don’t kill yourself

Because I will keep coming up with reasons for you not to

And I need you

To hear all of them

Don’t kill yourself

I love you

You’re important

It’s a bad day

Not a bad life

There is more to this

The world will keep spinning on its axis without you


Think of all the sunrises you’d miss

I know this sounds pointless

But when you’re sitting in front of everything deadly you own

Revising your goodbyes

There will be too much darkness

To see anything else

But this is not about seeing anything else

This is about turning off the lights

This is about finding the bed instead of the noose

This is about giving yourself one more day

Even if it takes ten thousand of those

One more morning’s


“I can’t wait for tomorrow”

This is about staying alive

Because there’s gonna be a new Marvel movie

No one should miss that

This is about staying alive

Because the future is coming

And it’s ready for you

I don’ t need you to see it

I just need you to believe you can make it

Until then

– Hannah Dains


My giving likes issue is active but intermittent now.
I’m having to double check, and then swap browsers sometimes…
I think I’m dealing with a virus because the security layer socket connections are the intermittent errors in my Chrome browser.
Firefox seems to be coping better than the others and I can swap PC’s if I have to. The other has issues of a different sort and isn’t my preferred machine, but in a pinch I can just remote desktop it long enough to do what is needed.
On the other hand… The activity in the last two days was more than I get in a slow week. I am so grateful to those who have become a daily presence and a source of positive energies. I have bipolar disorder and the seasonal depressions that winter brings on, it is better medicated by the positive psychology and philosophy found in quotes, poetry and related materials and social interaction, than any medication ever helped. It’s better than any therapist because it programs the subconscious into higher vibrations, especially in daily manner when blogging them.
Happy Saturn day my new WordPress / Tumblr friends.