How will Russia’s new hypersonic missile affect global arms race? | Inside Story

Al Jazeera English says:
Russia says its new hypersonic weapon is a technological breakthrough on the scale of Sputnik – the first satellite launched by the Soviet Union in 1957. The Avangard is launched on top of an intercontinental ballistic missile. But unlike a regular missile warhead it can sverve sharply, making it much harder to intercept. That’s worrying the U.S. – that’s also having to contend with China’s development of hypersonic arms. Beijing displayed the Dong Feng 17 at a military parade in October. The U.S. defence secretary has said developing the technology is a priority. So will the Avangard, which Russia says can fly at 27 times the speed of sound, change the balance of power?

MY opinion:
Because this network is outside opinion, I see a much more honest story in this interview than you get from American News sources. I think the militarization of space is stupidity. This warhead is a device that is something that skips on the atmosphere. Earth launched but basically space technology. Trumps militarization of space speech was obviously timed to be ahead of this Russian speech about no longer playing catch-up to the US.
Of course they new it was coming. We still have back channel communications. “Spies” if you like.
Space has been a worldwide peaceful science frontier and Trumps space army would complicate the one place we were learning to be one peaceful world.