sunspot flare coronal mass ejection impact

For those who were following my Suspicious Observer’s space weather posts.
I haven’t been keeping up a lot with it, but I was prompted to look via “intuition” and figured some of you may be interested in the info.
The first sunspot flare coronal mass ejection of this sunspot cycle to effect us, was to say the least very spooky.
We know our solar system is traversing the energy field waves that spins out from the center of our galaxy.
We know the earth is loosing Its natural electromagnetic field that works as a shield to various forms of energies.
Recent solar events are showing it may be further weakened than science has been guessing.
We just might see some serous solar storms in the not too distant future.
I wish I could have my own underground vault to go to during severe solar storms.
Then again if the storms are strong enough to effect the crust enough to uncouple it, were talking major earthquakes…

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Suspicious0bservers Daily Sun, Earth and Science News

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