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Gulf Storm Risk, Magnetic Excursion Core, Solar Forcing | S0 News Sep.13.2020

Nothing particularly interesting, other than Ben again complaining about somebody’s scientific paper containing things that the same scientists said was wrong when Ben submitted it years ago. Scientists are even more ruthless and competitive than metal head musicians I swear. If your ahead of the game and aren’t afraid of being told your wrong, you get laughed at until you are proven right, and if somebody thinks they can steal the credit for a discovery, they will certainly try. They all want to be famous.

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Nova Trigger, Space Lensing Mystery, Van Allen Belts | S0 News Sep.11.2020

Direct to you from Amberwood lane in Colorado Springs its “Space Weather News” with Ben Davidson. NASA will soon be hosting it’s own Space Weather Forecasts soon. People who have been part of Ben’s group will be involved.

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Volcano, Cosmic Jets, The Power of the Sun | S0 News Jun.18.2020


I wish I had kept up on posting at least this morning posting the last few days. He touched upon the possibility of life in the galaxy a couple of times.
If you are like me and believe we are not alone, this link puts you at the part of the video cast where he talks of it, and a link to the reference.