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Deep Space Surprises, Pluto’s Position Matters | S0 News May.21.2020


The idea that planets affect our very nature, has been thrown off of the reality table as science seemed to say there’s no proof. It’s superstition and silly. Enter Quantum physics and not only is it possible that planetary alignments affect energies that are subatomic but shows the aether is particles below Quarks / particles / etc, and it affects us all the way to our genetics changing us to try and help humans live through current cosmic and universal changes. We are only breaking through the surface level of understanding how our solar system is affected by the energies outside our heliosphere. We line up with galactic midnight and pray we survive the tolling of the bell as the energy strings along the galactic energy sheet turn our sun into a weapon that could sterilize the the whole solar system inside the next 12 years.

Suspicious0bservers Solar Superstorm series updated with part 5 – Solar Superstorms | Ending the Modern World

Solar Superstorms are a possible result of our connecting with the galactic energy sheet. There is evidence it repeats every every 12000 years. We passed the plane about 2012. The Mayan Calendar had that much correct. The chance of a storm that sterilizes the planet is possible but usually it takes a much larger reaction like a nova, than the more likely plasma storms created by the galactic energy sheet that will damage the planet enough to set us back to the stone age. Many scenarios are covered in Ben Davidson’s
COSMIC DISASTER Playlist | https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…
But watch these as a primer before delving into the full range of the known planetary disasters and the likely repeated events.

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Solar Superstorms | Ending the Modern World

More on Ice ages starting very quickly.

Part of a Beyond Belief With George Noory show that is from a few years back. When we were going into sun spot minimum, along with magnetic reversal. The concept of a solar minimum cycle throwing us into deep freeze. It’s fit’s well with Ben Davidson’s Suspicious Observers shows on solar activity and flash freezing the earth. That being what fills in what this author was missing.
Robert Felix explains how the normal rise and fall of various natural cycles are converging to create a new ice age. He has many parts of the puzzle though. Climate change is inevitable as our planet’s atmosphere has always been in a state of flux. As we are now perched upon the precipice of another major change, and climate change is natural, not as bad as the climate change want you to believe. We should all be prepared to survive a drastic weather change and the ability to survive after the world wide web gets knocked out. It will not be permanent if we are lucky. We should prepare as if it will be a long term. Its a 1 in 4 probability the current sun spot cycle

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Rings, Arcs, Blot Echoes, Switchbacks, Super Hail | S0 News May.1.2020

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