Elongated skulls on Malta.

Elongated skulls appearing way to large to have been shaped by binding, are very similar to the Peruvian elongated skulls, and the Egyptian skulls that were proven a familial trait because of the discovery of fetuses with the abnormal skulls.
“The skulls of some Ancient Egyptians are among those identified as often being elongated naturally and macrocephaly may be a familial characteristic. … It belongs, according to a very clearly defined formation of the cranium, to the tribe of the Huancas”. from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_cranial_deformation

So you have a race of humans with these skulls found on Malta, in some chambers designed to work as something barely explainable with current science, using ‘Super-Acoustics’ To Alter Consciousness of the Entire Civilization, then It just vanished.
IN USE 3500 to 3300 BC with some findings pushing the date to 3800ish, latest to 2500 BC as when they vanished.
So here you have an advanced technological race who carved 5380 square feet carved from solid rock with
stone mallets, antler picks, and smoothed it with flint?? Some of it living space, some of it tombs with over 7000 skeletons! Three stories of below ground chambers hand constructed from solid rock that were sealed and hidden until construction of a cistern broke through the ceiling.
In my opinion…
This set of chambers may had been used to try to live through global catastrophe events that they knew of ahead of time. Much like the great deluge was known to happen ahead of time, there was race that knew space and time, and the Angel that warned Noah was likely from this race. Sumerian accounts of Gods and Angels were so obviously advanced travelers mining or resources and possibly even our creators.
Spiral pairings on the ceiling are most likely renderings of Solar plasma storms. Many places worldwide have renderings of these storms painted in places they fled to underground to escape it, or out of fear.

Most binding to create elongated skulls are considered to be humans trying to look like their Gods or Royalty. An advanced humanoid population would seem to be Gods to those uneducated. The elongated skull Egyptian Pharaohs royalty wore the headdresses made to hide the feature according to some theorists’. So we certainly are a species with amnesia. These findings in Malta are just one more piece of the puzzle.

They Used ‘Super-Acoustics’ To Alter Consciousness of the Entire Civilization, Before It Vanished!


Russell Brand on extraterrestrial visitors.

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There are more things in heaven on earth than dreamed of in your philosophy…

“Were on the precipice of knowing just how little we know.”

“Every time we reach an apparent periphery through scientific discovery, we look over the edge and realize we knew nothing.”

This video is a great existential rant worth the 18 mins…

The Sun, the hexagram, and Merkabah symbol

I noticed something most would miss in the pattern of current sunspots.
It’s not coincidence that the hexagram, and Merkabah symbol, fit the current active regions. The big red storm on Jupiter, the hexagram on the pole of Saturn, and the locations of the certain large volcanos on earth like the Hawaiian volcanos, fit the same points on the globes. Hexagonal geometry is fundamental to life, and the internal energies of the Sun and planets as well. Its’ said our bodies energies are also in a Merkabah shape.

Science can’t fully explain the strait lines of the circling storm’s borders yet.
I wonder if those who believed in in ancient times that the Sun and planets are conscious living beings they worshiped as God’s might have know something that was lost to time. That they truly are living beings. I certainly believe in Gaia, the spirit of mother earth.

Suspicious0bservers Daily Sun, Earth and Science News

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I wish I had kept up on posting at least this morning posting the last few days. He touched upon the possibility of life in the galaxy a couple of times.
If you are like me and believe we are not alone, this link puts you at the part of the video cast where he talks of it, and a link to the reference.