The reason for loving you — fauxcroft

I see the physical of you

As I see the consciousness of you,

I feel the warmth of you

As I feel the spiritual of you,

I am in awe of the scent of you

I can define the truth of you,

And the truth is you are beautiful

And all of this is the reason for me loving you.

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Virus — fauxcroft

They say there’s a virus

There’s always a virus

We never know where it comes ftom

And whether they lie to us

Chemical and biologic testing that they do

Could escape into the air and they’d just call it flu

You can call it conspiracy thinking

You can call me a nut

But these viruses come out of nowhere

One day we’ll all be fucked

Do we seriously need to be messing

With global health and wellbeing

We need to reinstate this moratorium on what they’re doing

No more chemical and biological testing

Clean up the air and take out the pollutants

From pesticides and co2 that will leave our world in ruins.

Virus — fauxcroft

Dying world — fauxcroft

They world dies

And those who care cry,

Crying out for change

But led by those deranged,

Who see do danger

In global warming,

Heads in the sand

They ignore the warnings,

Tides rise and ice caps melt

The world is constantly dealt,

A blow to its health

And its resources,

We must speak out

And use the forces,

Of science to change peoples ways

But the media gets in the way,

Painting those who care

As fanatics and lunatics,

Attacking the you generation

For understanding the climate crisis,

Is very real and does exist

It’s an important fight,

And we must never give up

Stand against those who don’t give a fuck,

Stand up against governments

Who will not act and take this crisis seriously,

We are the true power, you and me.

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Love unconditionally I implore

Feb 19, 2020 by fauxcroftStandard
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I tread on stepping stones

Across a mirrored pond

I step between flowers

Watching very carefully

Not to step on them

In guided meditation

I hear the trickling fountain

Of water cascading

Feel the heat of the sun now fading

All of this and more

Is a bliss that I adore

And I seek more and more

Love unconditionally I implore.

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