Not so resolute?

Seems I’m already behind a week on my resolution about trying to do some daily posting.
I will do this, because I promised myself I would. I am not going to let it just fade away.

I thank all of you who like my posts. Followers are awesome.

My fave tree got blown over

There are few trees on the property where I live that got blown over. My favorite tree to sit under in the shade with my dog, especially when waiting out front for friends to come get me, got uprooted. Its a big old pine and I’m so bummed out. A shed got blown along the fence line and it looks like it took out a long section of white plastic fencing.

My best friend is a fruit tree farmer. Most of his yearly crop of peaches and apples is on the ground. The only good side is it blew out all that smoke that was trapped in the valley, so air quality here is much improved.

Happy Sunday

Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning (Closed Captioned)

Hope everyone has great Sunday. Here’s a nice Sunday morning song to get my day going, and hopefully inspiring to some of you also. Inspiration must be paired with action, or it’s not manifested. Thanks to all you faithful followers / ‘likers’ who have stayed with me as my daily blogging slowed to barely existing, as I adjust to my new living situation and a change in my personal “pharmacology” that has me adjusting on multiple levels. The details of which would make for an interesting blog post on it’s own. I think maybe it’s a bit too personal but maybe not… I suppose that would be a matter of what it contains and just how deep and detailed I get with it….

A week later….

My WP blog has been rather boring lately. I started thinking that about a week ago, and I planed to spice it up a bit. It turned out to be a bunch of drafts half finished, and just a bunch of Suspicious0bservers posts.
I need a new muse or to reinvest in my past ones. I have the potentially to be extraordinary, but have a hard time applying it though. I’ll procrastinate my death, just you wait and see…. Call it a Libra thing. lol

Moving update: Updated 9:33pm 5-15

I’m almost done with unboxing in my new apartment. I have already made a few casual friends while walking the dog around the complex. We do a loop of the outer fence line twice a day. Once at wake up and once at bedtime. There are many dogs here as medical companion and assistance dogs. The one next door is a Staffie – Pit abut 2 years old and looks like this.

MY “Buddy” (who was named Pal by the original owner), doesn’t like the Pit much. They’re a few ankle biters around that he does like who hang out at the social area where the officially assigned doggy doodie, and smoking areas are. Here we are a bit earlier taking a break.

The dogs who you can’t carry to the doodie area have their own ideas about the best spots and their’s is the natural rule, and there is not a lot you can do change it, short of a diaper or catheter. ….lol. Everyone does their best to appear to comply during business hours.

The view is awesome from my bedroom and front room windows for only being second story and at an odd orientation to the cardinals directions.
I uploaded this clip of walking the fence line to my secondary YouTube channel just now. 😜

Yeah after 5:00 PM the atmosphere changes. The officials aren’t around to put is all in obedient mode, and the place relaxes and the smoking area livens up a little. Beer and music at a low level sometimes with nothing hard played and a fun feeling almost party hang out mode.
I think I’ll like it here. With my luck COVID19 will ruin it, but I have my fingers crossed that its not going to be an issue here, but disabled and handicapped are in the highest risk bracket above senior citizens.
The rumor is that one person here has it and only the management know’s
Settling in now and will get back in my regular blogging schedule soon and I miss you all. Just can’t settle down and blog regular yet. Thanks to my faithful bunch liking my posts without me getting around to returning them much.

My friend used to do a Mormon church service here Sundays for years but a new person has the job. He’s friends with the property manager, and has the inside scoop on the government details.
The COVID19 has that church service shut down.

My friend and I had our first fight in the 10 years of friendship we’ve had and it was because of the way he treated me in front of his Mormon friends who he got to help me move. With Mormons it’s all or nothing because of the way the faith is deigned to brainwash followers into believing they are the only ones going to heaven. So one tiny “I disagree” from me and boom it’s over.

Just goes to show he was helping me because it made him feel superior. I was his charity not his equal. It was an association not a friendship built on equality.

Moving finished up…

I’m done with my move, but only getting started with fixing the “Little Red Wagon” of my ex landlord. I’ve watched him rent to poor drug addict or basic party minded families for 12 years. He likes to put as little as possible into his two properties. I’ve been breathing aspergillus mold for at least 6 of it. 6 water heater floods from four apartments and he destroyed the seals on the 4 tubs by using a plunger on drain and overflow to try and remove clog,s and those seals can’t take that kind of pressure. He never pays for any service but a mom and pop rooter because he planted a tree right in the worst spot he could have concerning his sewer line. Literally dealing with tubs full of sewer constantly for years.
The water in the walls and foundation have aspergillus growing all over and I started getting ill years ago but had to wait four years for the subsidised housing to come through here at my new place because its a condo quality state housing complex.

Just as I was mostly though boxing and cleaning a huge mess from being sicker when cleaning the mess up, was just causing it to grow.
I had decided to let him pick it up. He thought he had already been paid and wanted to paint over the evidence. I told his daughter I was going to get county health in too see it. He had moved her into this health risk blind of most of his game and had poisoned her mind about me with lies before placing her like a chess piece in his game. No respect for his own family either.
He had thrown all my food and clothing, and valuable sentimental items in with the moldy trash, that I was contemplating letting him deal with himself.
I caught him just as he was finished with putting it on his trailer, and he called the cops with a bunch of lies. and it was a great day.

I will do a more in-depth set of posts about my decade in his hell hole eventually. Been working on it awhile….

Just not my day…..

Week, month, or year it seems.
Forgot to set my Alarms before I went to sleep. I accidentally deleted a bunch of backup files on a usb plug in hard drive. Used a file recovery program and got some of it back. My primary computer has a bug in the system caused by a virus. Everytime I think I got it fixed I find another damaged program, and maybe the virus I keep thinking I killed is still sneaking around. Tried to improve my Welcome / Homepage here and managed to screw up even the backups WP keeps. The system lags and clicks will land in unintended places. My other laptop computer has a crack in the screen the dog managed to create by knocking it off the coffee table with his tail… I can do some things on a screen plugged into the HDMI but some things simply won’t show up on anything but the original monitor. Ugh.
So I’m crossing my fingers and attempting to do a complete system reinstall, so wish me luck.