profuse desires #poem #poetry — Short Prose

rolling like waves on white marble sandsroaring like tigers looking for preyhowling like winds in gray towns of ghostsresting on sofas like courtesans… 20 more words

profuse desires #poem #poetry — Short Prose

I used to lift free weights when I was a soldier, and marriage made me lazy because I no longer wanted to impress young women. I got soft over ten years and the damage to my spine slowly caused stenosis in my c-spine enough to need pain medication’s. I guess I wasn’t the guy she fell for at 17. I learned she’s very selfish and a gay feminist dark Wicca Priestess, who’s now in a coven in the Newport OR area. I guess she also was not the young 17 year old woman I fell for in June 1983, and married on valentines 1990 after cohabitation long enough to feel I could trust her.

Warfare, — fauxcroft

Warfare, warfare Why do we dare To waste good life Sending so many to their deaths Warfare, warfare Waged without a care By those who govern But who’d never dare Lead from the front line Lead the glory charge Warfare, warfare No empathy or heart No compassion for the innocent who die Very few tears […]

Warfare, — fauxcroft

I can’t find the words to express this hit me.

A Soldier’s Dreams… — Omnia Caelum… Poetry, Art, Music

Walking on a flowing stream to never leave a trace, shadows seem to watch me, haunt me, scare me, but I must keep my pace… the never ending flow of snow that melted up so high, is absurdly inviting… The weight of stones upon the earth is but a fraction of the burden of my […]

A Soldier’s Dreams… — Omnia Caelum… Poetry, Art, Music