Seven Symbols of Atlantis

Seven Symbols of Atlantis

Has the lost legacy of Atlantis finally been discovered, with seven prominent symbols displayed right before our eyes?

This is an awesome episode I just have to share with you followers.

Ancient Civilizations January 11, 2021 S3:Ep1

The Gaia network was created to share the greatest information available at this time about spiritual and scientific discoveries. This is real information that the mainstream wants to keep hidden because information is power. They don’t want us be free of the devices and disinformation they use to keep the average person held own as just a cog in their machine. Sheep that are their sacrificial offering to their God. Money and it’s power.
We who are awakening and can see past their head game, have a responsibility to wake those around us who are ready to learn the truth. Many think they are woke but until the truth has been given to them they are only just beginning to be awoken. After you hear these hidden truths and the frequency of it resonates in your soul and you feel the manifestation of the frequency in your spirit, then you cant deny it. You become part of eternal truth. It was brought here in the days of Atlantis. Antediluvian civilizations had the knowledge but it was wiped way in the great catastrophe of the deluge. Was the power too great and we destroyed ourselves, or did the “Gods of the time” fight for control of it and caused this total destruction?
I will be sharing what I learn through links to free episodes.
I am paying for the subscription to these private network episodes, and I can now share as much as I wish too with you followers.
Gaia used to limit sharing, but now it’s unlimited and they would give all their shows to the world for free if they didn’t have to pay for the network and for the production of their content. They are a positive force dedicated to truth and light.
I hope you will take the time to watch and to sign up for this fantastic chance to see the secrets being reveled on many different areas.
The secret space programs and the possibility of a break away civilization at the end of WWII are the only Gaia stuff I find hard to believe. It doesn’t ring as true as the spiritual programs, so I probably wont be sharing that series.
If you’ve seen a YouTube teaser for a Gaia program and want to see more just give me the YouTube teaser address and I’ll look the episode up. The more I get involved, the more I learn so I’m happy to investigate.

The Sun, the hexagram, and Merkabah symbol

I noticed something most would miss in the pattern of current sunspots.
It’s not coincidence that the hexagram, and Merkabah symbol, fit the current active regions. The big red storm on Jupiter, the hexagram on the pole of Saturn, and the locations of the certain large volcanos on earth like the Hawaiian volcanos, fit the same points on the globes. Hexagonal geometry is fundamental to life, and the internal energies of the Sun and planets as well. Its’ said our bodies energies are also in a Merkabah shape.

Science can’t fully explain the strait lines of the circling storm’s borders yet.
I wonder if those who believed in in ancient times that the Sun and planets are conscious living beings they worshiped as God’s might have know something that was lost to time. That they truly are living beings. I certainly believe in Gaia, the spirit of mother earth.

More on Ice ages starting very quickly.

Part of a Beyond Belief With George Noory show that is from a few years back. When we were going into sun spot minimum, along with magnetic reversal. The concept of a solar minimum cycle throwing us into deep freeze. It’s fit’s well with Ben Davidson’s Suspicious Observers shows on solar activity and flash freezing the earth. That being what fills in what this author was missing.
Robert Felix explains how the normal rise and fall of various natural cycles are converging to create a new ice age. He has many parts of the puzzle though. Climate change is inevitable as our planet’s atmosphere has always been in a state of flux. As we are now perched upon the precipice of another major change, and climate change is natural, not as bad as the climate change want you to believe. We should all be prepared to survive a drastic weather change and the ability to survive after the world wide web gets knocked out. It will not be permanent if we are lucky. We should prepare as if it will be a long term. Its a 1 in 4 probability the current sun spot cycle

Suspicious0bservers Daily Sun, Earth, Space Weather Science News

Locusts, Galactic Sheet Triggers Cloud, Christmas Island Space Weather News Mar.24.2020

There is much more on page 2. This will be daily now, so that new viewers can catch up, and science minded individuals can go further into the data presented. Comments will be highly appreciated by those who are science oriented and those who aren’t so that I can develop a Space Weather Science page for those who are new to it. Most people have no idea that The Sun, Solar wind, lightning, Earths magnetism, earthquakes, Space it’s self, It’s all tied together and Plasma Cosmology has the answers.
I”m developing a page dedicated to Ben Davidson and his quest for the truth and his Spade weather science for the layman to stay informed on climate change truth.

Suspicious 0bservers News Feb.15.2020

Suspicious0bservers  News Feb.15.2020

Betelgeuse, Drought, Cold/Snow, Magnetic Extinction,

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Suspicious0bservers News Feb.14.2020

Suspicious0bservers Space Weather News Feb.14.2020
Coronal Hole, Harvard/Yale in Trouble, Arrokoth,
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Libra Daily Horoscope

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Suspicious0bservers News Feb.5.2020

Suspicious0bservers News Feb.5.2020
Stream Limits, Electroquake Studies, Greenbank Latest,
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