FOCUS DURING THE MERCURY RETROGRADE The Mercury Retrograde is occurring from February 17 – Marc… — Astro Artists

FOCUS DURING THE MERCURY RETROGRADE : : “The Mercury Retrograde is occurring from February 17 – March 10 and has a bad reputation for its disruption of communication, technology and information. But, it can be a good time for many things as well. This is a perfect time for self care, working on the details […]

FOCUS DURING THE MERCURY RETROGRADE The Mercury Retrograde is occurring from February 17 – Marc… — Astro Artists

Oh crap…. I hate these retrograde Mercury phases. Tiptoe throughout the days hoping some dumb past stupidity doesn’t come calling.

Libra ♎ HOROSCOPE ▽⨁△

2.17.20:  by Astrologers

Resist the temptation to over-analyze a problem today. Your imagination is running rampant right now, feeding your anxiety. You can calm this tendency by reducing your exposure to stimuli in your environment. Instead of getting drawn into water cooler conversations with coworkers, opt for a more secluded atmosphere that helps quiet your mind. After attending to items on your to-do list, you’ll forget your troubles. By the time you rejoin the group, you might see that your fears were totally unfounded.

Okay I’m glad my anxiety today was just a “Sub-quantum level ethereal cosmic influence causing a “Malfunctions of the pineal gland’.” 😜
(yeah just way too much caffeine this morning) HaHaHa…

2.18.20: TOMORROW
The commanding Capricorn Moon joins rambunctious Mars in your 4th House of Domesticity today, instigating drama on the home front. You long to avoid relatives and housemates who are extra sensitive and have short fuses. Retiring to a quiet corner is preferable to rehashing old arguments about housework that never get resolved. You might find that big changes are necessary to create more room for yourself. Use revolutionary urges that bubble up now to fortify your personal space. Protecting yourself from the outer world helps protect your inner world.

Thank goodness I’m living alone and like a hermit.
Guess I’ll finish up on housecleaning some backed up storage that needs to be tossed to clear out the clutter in my mind as well as the empty (except for stored junk) spare bedroom…

Evolve Consciousness – Kris Nelson

The Philosopher’s Stone



This is the Stone of the Wise, the Philo-Sophia Stone, the Stone of the True Care of Wisdom, the Wisdom of Right-Action. It is all about doing Right, living in Truth and Morality. That is the True Self. Unity Consciousness in Unity with Truth and Morality to get to Unity Foundation Living in the Aggregate Co-Creation

Kris Nelson makes awesome infographics.
As you can see he is the artist who did the philosophers stone graphic I like so much. This podcast is the 13th and final in a series at his site about the Alchemical concept of the
The Philosopher’s Stone
His podcasts are deep but rather monotone and logical without any emotion in his voice. I like some of his work so much, I think I will make a page dedicated to my favorites of his works. I’ve been slacking on adding credit to the couple infographics I use. I plan to get written permission but I believe he’s okay with having his graphics used. Most artists who do infographics do it for wanting the truth out there in the best form for teaching the general public. Making complex symbolism easy to understand.