Alchemical symbols

On one of my best Tumblr blogs. 9 3/4 years old. Crazy how fast the time passed these last ten years. The content is mostly classical old school art. A lot of old Gothic religious art and architecture.

Evolve Consciousness – Kris Nelson

The Philosopher’s Stone



This is the Stone of the Wise, the Philo-Sophia Stone, the Stone of the True Care of Wisdom, the Wisdom of Right-Action. It is all about doing Right, living in Truth and Morality. That is the True Self. Unity Consciousness in Unity with Truth and Morality to get to Unity Foundation Living in the Aggregate Co-Creation

Kris Nelson makes awesome infographics.
As you can see he is the artist who did the philosophers stone graphic I like so much. This podcast is the 13th and final in a series at his site about the Alchemical concept of the
The Philosopher’s Stone
His podcasts are deep but rather monotone and logical without any emotion in his voice. I like some of his work so much, I think I will make a page dedicated to my favorites of his works. I’ve been slacking on adding credit to the couple infographics I use. I plan to get written permission but I believe he’s okay with having his graphics used. Most artists who do infographics do it for wanting the truth out there in the best form for teaching the general public. Making complex symbolism easy to understand.


My giving likes issue is active but intermittent now.
I’m having to double check, and then swap browsers sometimes…
I think I’m dealing with a virus because the security layer socket connections are the intermittent errors in my Chrome browser.
Firefox seems to be coping better than the others and I can swap PC’s if I have to. The other has issues of a different sort and isn’t my preferred machine, but in a pinch I can just remote desktop it long enough to do what is needed.
On the other hand… The activity in the last two days was more than I get in a slow week. I am so grateful to those who have become a daily presence and a source of positive energies. I have bipolar disorder and the seasonal depressions that winter brings on, it is better medicated by the positive psychology and philosophy found in quotes, poetry and related materials and social interaction, than any medication ever helped. It’s better than any therapist because it programs the subconscious into higher vibrations, especially in daily manner when blogging them.
Happy Saturn day my new WordPress / Tumblr friends.