S0 Space Weather News – May 24th, 2020

Sign of Magnetic Event, Super Hail, Solar Cycles | S0 News May.24.2020


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S0 Space Weather News – May 21, 2020

Deep Space Surprises, Pluto’s Position Matters | S0 News May.21.2020


The idea that planets affect our very nature, has been thrown off of the reality table as science seemed to say there’s no proof. It’s superstition and silly. Enter Quantum physics and not only is it possible that planetary alignments affect energies that are subatomic but shows the aether is particles below Quarks / particles / etc, and it affects us all the way to our genetics changing us to try and help humans live through current cosmic and universal changes. We are only breaking through the surface level of understanding how our solar system is affected by the energies outside our heliosphere. We line up with galactic midnight and pray we survive the tolling of the bell as the energy strings along the galactic energy sheet turn our sun into a weapon that could sterilize the the whole solar system inside the next 12 years.

Scorpions – The Good Die Young — Via: Poetry By Archangel White Wolf

Dedicated to my friend Paul you only just passed but I miss you already mate never forgotten always loved your place in heaven awaits you. LYRICS You wake upWatch the world go ’roundYou shiverFeeling upside downYour heart is beating fastPumping blood to your headAnother day to fightYou have a prayer on your lips under the […]

Scorpions – The Good Die Young — Poetry By Archangel White Wolf


Suspicious0bservers May 20th 2020 = 05202020

Pluto Atmospheric Collapse, Stronger Storms, SOFIA | S0 News May.20.2020

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Hurricanes Getting Stronger: https://news.wisc.edu/long-term-data-…
Pluto Atmospheric Pressure Decrease: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2005.09189.pdf