Park Chung-hee

Today is the anniversary of the assassination of Korea’s first President.

As I was over there shortly afterward in 83 and I still hold a great affinity with the country, I thought I’d mark the date with a post.
A bunch of my posts here are getting traffic lately, and I started thinking it would be a good time to come back.


Elongated skulls on Malta.

Elongated skulls appearing way to large to have been shaped by binding, are very similar to the Peruvian elongated skulls, and the Egyptian skulls that were proven a familial trait because of the discovery of fetuses with the abnormal skulls.
“The skulls of some Ancient Egyptians are among those identified as often being elongated naturally and macrocephaly may be a familial characteristic. … It belongs, according to a very clearly defined formation of the cranium, to the tribe of the Huancas”. from

So you have a race of humans with these skulls found on Malta, in some chambers designed to work as something barely explainable with current science, using ‘Super-Acoustics’ To Alter Consciousness of the Entire Civilization, then It just vanished.
IN USE 3500 to 3300 BC with some findings pushing the date to 3800ish, latest to 2500 BC as when they vanished.
So here you have an advanced technological race who carved 5380 square feet carved from solid rock with
stone mallets, antler picks, and smoothed it with flint?? Some of it living space, some of it tombs with over 7000 skeletons! Three stories of below ground chambers hand constructed from solid rock that were sealed and hidden until construction of a cistern broke through the ceiling.
In my opinion…
This set of chambers may had been used to try to live through global catastrophe events that they knew of ahead of time. Much like the great deluge was known to happen ahead of time, there was race that knew space and time, and the Angel that warned Noah was likely from this race. Sumerian accounts of Gods and Angels were so obviously advanced travelers mining or resources and possibly even our creators.
Spiral pairings on the ceiling are most likely renderings of Solar plasma storms. Many places worldwide have renderings of these storms painted in places they fled to underground to escape it, or out of fear.

Most binding to create elongated skulls are considered to be humans trying to look like their Gods or Royalty. An advanced humanoid population would seem to be Gods to those uneducated. The elongated skull Egyptian Pharaohs royalty wore the headdresses made to hide the feature according to some theorists’. So we certainly are a species with amnesia. These findings in Malta are just one more piece of the puzzle.

They Used ‘Super-Acoustics’ To Alter Consciousness of the Entire Civilization, Before It Vanished!

Russell Brand on extraterrestrial visitors.

Leaked UFO Videos Are REAL – Why’s The Pentagon Admitting It NOW?

There are more things in heaven on earth than dreamed of in your philosophy…

“Were on the precipice of knowing just how little we know.”

“Every time we reach an apparent periphery through scientific discovery, we look over the edge and realize we knew nothing.”

This video is a great existential rant worth the 18 mins…


소원 (Hope)- Yoon Do Hyun (Eng sub|Han|Rom)

I watched this Korean movie “Hope” about an 8yo child named Hope today.
Abducted, tortured and abused to the point of permanent disabilities, the storyline at first made me I’ll.
The recovery is very sad, quite bittersweet dramatically, and eventually somewhat hopeful and happy.
The emotions over my father passing that had been mostly suppressed, came to the surface over and over.

I have to say I’m glad I can feel those feelings fully. I was on SSRI antidepressant meds for about ten years.
I got off them because of some side effects a year or more ago and I’m glad when a movie or music makes me feel something. Serotonin reuptake inhibited into a sort of overdose causes extra synapsis to form. I felt everything multiplied by a factor of who knows how much for a long time. It basically hasn’t really normalized fully.

I think medications… big pharma anyway, is a racket. They never bother to discuss side effects because they don’t want you to be influenced by both the known, and the possible side effects, other than the becoming numb to certain feels.

Dear Dad

My Dad passed away on May 18th due to complications from an E-coli infection. You always think you have time. Then it’s suddenly too late and you’re left with the wish that you had taken the time… At least I had talked to him on Mother’s day.

It’s still hard to believe it. It will take some time before it sinks in and feels real.
It’s ironic that fear of covid taking my parents was finally past after inoculation.
He was a good man, who busted his butt for us 8 kids, working two jobs sometimes to make ends meet. We didn’t always see eye to eye but hard feelings were rare and he loved all of us very much. I can’t fathom what my mother is feeling after 57 years of marriage.