Sleeping my life away….

I’m thinking about returning to daily posting.
I suppose it’s my one new years resolution to get back on social media,
without getting addicted to all day online activity. As a disabled veteran its
easy to do. Currently though I’m wasting time sleeping too much.
12 to 16 hours a day is practically depression levels.
I’m not depressed just basically totally unmotivated by anything lately.
I feel it’s time to give myself a good swift kick to my butt to boot myself along.
Eventually and probably soon my bipolar will swap me over to the sleep deprived
manic instead. It’s that side, that upswing that needs discipline and focus on limits.
I hope 2021 is a great new year and it would for sure take a heck of a lot of
bad surprises to be a worse year.

Belated Holliday wishes wishes for you all. Hoping you all have a great new year!

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