The heart coherent state.

I faintly remembered that the heart’s energies create an electromagnetic torus shape, after having stated in my last post that the Merkabah shape in the energies of the globes of the Sun, and planets was echoed in the shape of energies surrounding the body, and I wanted to try to recollect where I’d heard those two ideas. I ran into this video in the process of trying to get my brain to dig in and eventually cough up a memory or two, to help me reinforce the knowledge I’d had held at some point in my life before getting older and slower in the old brain pan. I at least like to think I had better retention and recall once upon a time..
Evidently not only does the heart have a sort of it’s own Brian tissues, it’s able to see ahead in time and a few other very awesome abilities we aren’t commonly aware of like the heart coherent state. Worth the watch.