Utah wind storms

This jet stream snap caused an insane amount of windstorms across most of northern Utah, and more is still possible. The news stories are intense. Multiple stories at this link. Tree count is literally in the 1000’s. Many are massive old ones, which saddens me.
Worth clicking and watching the clips.

Just a couple miles away for this one but…. 3 dozen semi’s have been blown over in the last 24 hours.

I’m in the red stripe of course.

NOAA/NWS Twitter

My building’s boiler couldn’t keep up with the temp change and the whole building got very cold last night. 93 to 55 degrees in SLC officially, but my window thermometer went into the mid 40’s. Wind chill was obviously quite strong when the gusts were in the 70-mph or more zone.

It was hard to sleep even with the high dose of pain meds. I got massive cramps and a severe headache well before he wind kicked in. Barometric change was also obviously quite intense prior to the storm hitting.
I suppose I should have posted Suspicious Observers weather the last couple days….. Haven’t been up early though lately. I really should get back to an early schedule. It’s easier to be more productive, but as most of you are in that groove I suppose don’t really need to say it.