September already?

I think its about time to end my blogging hiatus.
I think trying to be a blogger extraordinaire via so many different blogs, especially tumblrs, was taking up too much of my time.
I recently changed living spaces and have been settling in to my new apartment and that is one the major reasons for my hiatus, but not the sole reason.
One of my best and oldest tumblr blogs was killed over the Russian government posing as tumblr bloggers and using it for research. What could they possibly learn at tumblr? Why would unknowingly following them or rebloging them be my fault, if they were posing as an everyday blogger?
It seems senseless and it really left me feeling violated.
I did re-blog a lot of classical music and art that was Russian as that was what that blog was basically about; Classical music and art.
Much of it was classical Christian art and Cathedrals, related Gothic art and architecture. Russian classical composers and classical art is simply common in this category. Ironically they didn’t kill the one blog I dedicated to St Petersburg Russia classical art and the Hermitage Museum there, that has some very famous pieces.
I think they had an ulterior motive for killing the blog.

I wish I had done more archiving of it at the “wayback machine” at