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Mysteries at Saturn & Deep Space, Climate Report, Corinos | S0 News Jun.9.2020


I like Ben Davidson’s work but I feel sorry for his parents. He can be such an insufferable “Know it all” in his opinions in his videos, it gets me thinking that he must have been a royal pain to his parents while he was growing up. He really had to fight to get to his current status in the scientific community, and has dealt with many who try to tear him down, and for that side of his mind/personality I have great respect. The problem with science though, is how a long held observation will crumble upon discovery of a truth that changes a foundation that the particular observation was built on. Such is life. Just when we believe something to be absolute truth something comes along and changes the foundation and the paradigm shifts.

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  1. Nice site! I occasionally take a hit in my numbers also, but I’m steadily climbing. It’s like you said, the numbers aren’t that important but the more people that get our message the better right? Take care and thank you for following mine.

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