Terry Ilous (Great White/XYZ) — Music, Monsters, and Muscles

Terry Ilous is best known for his sexy, soulful, bluesy vocals for both XYZ & Great White. I had the pleasure of meeting Terry many times when he first started touring with XYZ. Terry was always a favorite of mine! He’s a really good guy. Along with being extremely talented. I recently had the pleasure […]

Terry Ilous (Great White/XYZ) — Music, Monsters, and Muscles

I love Terry. He posted a positivist post to my Facebook wall when I was having a bad day and earned a place in my heart forever. The band Great White pulled a really shitty move and fired him by email to replace him with some young hair band looking nobody as front man with no history or other projects. The guitar lead and his long term best buddy have had a rivalry going on ever since they dropped him in a shitty move also, after he was having to deal with some colon health problems.