Moving finished up…

I’m done with my move, but only getting started with fixing the “Little Red Wagon” of my ex landlord. I’ve watched him rent to poor drug addict or basic party minded families for 12 years. He likes to put as little as possible into his two properties. I’ve been breathing aspergillus mold for at least 6 of it. 6 water heater floods from four apartments and he destroyed the seals on the 4 tubs by using a plunger on drain and overflow to try and remove clog,s and those seals can’t take that kind of pressure. He never pays for any service but a mom and pop rooter because he planted a tree right in the worst spot he could have concerning his sewer line. Literally dealing with tubs full of sewer constantly for years.
The water in the walls and foundation have aspergillus growing all over and I started getting ill years ago but had to wait four years for the subsidised housing to come through here at my new place because its a condo quality state housing complex.

Just as I was mostly though boxing and cleaning a huge mess from being sicker when cleaning the mess up, was just causing it to grow.
I had decided to let him pick it up. He thought he had already been paid and wanted to paint over the evidence. I told his daughter I was going to get county health in too see it. He had moved her into this health risk blind of most of his game and had poisoned her mind about me with lies before placing her like a chess piece in his game. No respect for his own family either.
He had thrown all my food and clothing, and valuable sentimental items in with the moldy trash, that I was contemplating letting him deal with himself.
I caught him just as he was finished with putting it on his trailer, and he called the cops with a bunch of lies. and it was a great day.

I will do a more in-depth set of posts about my decade in his hell hole eventually. Been working on it awhile….