Just not my day…..

Week, month, or year it seems.
Forgot to set my Alarms before I went to sleep. I accidentally deleted a bunch of backup files on a usb plug in hard drive. Used a file recovery program and got some of it back. My primary computer has a bug in the system caused by a virus. Everytime I think I got it fixed I find another damaged program, and maybe the virus I keep thinking I killed is still sneaking around. Tried to improve my Welcome / Homepage here and managed to screw up even the backups WP keeps. The system lags and clicks will land in unintended places. My other laptop computer has a crack in the screen the dog managed to create by knocking it off the coffee table with his tail… I can do some things on a screen plugged into the HDMI but some things simply won’t show up on anything but the original monitor. Ugh.
So I’m crossing my fingers and attempting to do a complete system reinstall, so wish me luck.

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