David Coverdale tweet.

The pandemic is especially hard on musicians. Tours are the only way they can really make money these days, as single digital music is cheap and easily shared. Many are stuck at home and can’t even go do studio work so they are doing phone music videos on twitter. David lives up in the Tahoe area, and flies to LA and England to do music and has homes in all 3 places. He even flies in private jets and helicopters when touring. He’s been making good money since the early 70’s and is one of my favorite people. I haunt his twitter. I was retweeted by Adrian Vandenberg’s new band. From a combination music Tumblr/Twitter post. Adrian was once part of Davids band. That late 70’s early 80s classic hard rock is my favorite kind of music and I used to sing in local garage band practices, and then a little bar karaoke but I was having anxiety issues. I could really sing well though seriously… It’s a shame I didn’t really pursue a career in music. I really need to get my WP music blog developed to go with my music Tumblr blogs.