I am having complications with windows shutting down Bluetooth service. Even after uninstall/reinstall and driver updates windows shuts it down after a few minutes. I can usually fix windows issues myself but I guess I’m going to have to have somebody else who’s more up to date on the endless windows system upgrades and accompanying conflicts with system drivers.

I also think I had a case of food poisoning, and I must have shared whatever made me severely nauseous for a few hours with my dog.
His belly sounded as it was full of little alien babies about to break out. It didn’t seem to bother him but the noise was really intense for literally a few hours.
I’m glad there wasn’t any messes to clean up. I expected it to be bad but he didn’t even get diarrhea, just a lot of gas.
I on the other hand was wiped out by fever, upchucking, and dry heaves.
Slept for much of the last 30-ish hours.
I hopefully will catch up with my blogs and some of the monthly financials today. Gee it’s April already??
Hoping you all are doing great and I will catch up soon.