between the sacred and profane #poem #poetry #amwriting — Short Prose

the laughter of the symbolists
disoriented cries of birds
I pantomime seduction just for you
a naked shoulder, flowers, glossy lips
the lace of stockings lower than it should
I rip the left side of your shirt
you devour me with silver spoons
our love, twin-bladed axe between the sacred and profane
stolen from the forehead of a legendary ox
the promise of tomorrow
the promise that we’ll meet
shadows of a painting signed Dali
both of us
children of the same insanity

Via short-prose-fiction posted under poetrywriting on March 28, 2020 
image: Guryanov Andrey; Shutterstock; [link]
between the sacred and profane #poem #poetry #amwriting — Short Prose

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