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Climate Controls, The Loss of Stability, The Sun
S0 News Mar.27.2020

There is more on page 2. There are a lot of links daily. The weather is effected by much more than your local news, or worldwide internet weather sites will tell you.
The Sun, Solar wind, The Sun and Earth’s gravity / magnetism, and more effect weather not to mention climate change.
Ben Davidson has a working earthquake prediction app (in development though the research and user feedback).
Plasma Cosmology has the answers, and the government has hidden it from the public ever since the 50’s, (along with science developed from the Roswell crash exotic elemental materials, but that is a whole other story about plasma physics).
The two main web sites for Ben Davidson, and learning about what the weather is truly all about is free through his –> YouTube content <– are here everyday. It’s very important to learn this now because of upcoming events that we all need to prepare for.

Please watch these short informative daily webcasts.

Visit these sites for much more free educational content, and weather and climate change truth.