“I wanted to love you” up at Free Verse Revolution #poetry — Short Prose

each word I write cries on the tunes of spring,

a spring that ends in graveyards and in dreams

the night I abandoned you on that bench and left

snows in my mind the syllable of hell

I wanted to return 

I wanted to love you

I choked on ecstasies from vaguely bluish lands

that night I took a part of you with me

I cashed your soul and threw it to some dirty lips 

I bought one ticket from a shaman dressed in red

and flew towards the island of nowhere 

and now between the mighty heaven and the hell

I love you and I hate you are the same 

and I return to find the pardon of the sands

to kiss your dust left on your mother’s hand

I dress in colored ashes and black skirts

the language of the prophets with no tongues 

on a new bench I sit alone at funerals 

and wait until the sea closes its eyes 

to resurrect the ghost of love that you inscribed 

on the red bridge between your spring and mine

I wanted to return 

I wanted to love you… 

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Poem “I wanted to love you” up at Free Verse Revolution #poetry — Short Prose Gabriela Marie Milton

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