Good Morning (Two for Tuesday) Greetings Updated: (edited after posting)

I give him credit where deserved. The man listens fairly well to the scientists. The fear of loosing popularity slowed his roll. He’s being a bigot to the Chinese and passing blame to them by saying they held back two weeks on exposing the truth and it cost the world dearly.
Semi true, but hes being hypocritical, and also using it to pass the buck.
His timing on making,
decisions on his timing.
… It’s the typical bait and switch tactics.
He’s a mean asshole to the press and totally causing Chinese press agents to be treated racially.
He totally had a temper tantrum, on a NBC reporter for asking: “What would say to those who are in fear of the virus?
That cost him my vote and I figure many others.
His one good side is how he treated the US as if it was his personal business and his sales slogan “Make america great again!” used the concept of pride in American made products to help slow want he sees as the Chinese undermining us. The Chinese say it’s a cold war attitude and that he’s starting an ideological war with China.

The most important thing though is his bigotry towards the Chinese. His decisions and tactics, caused a removal of an American Viral scientist from a Hong Kong government Viral science agency shortly (months} before the virus surfaced. That Scientist may have had an inside news connection that would have given us an earlier warning. That’s a small possibility but if true would have saved lives. On the other hand, it has many conspiracy theorists type thinkers, thinking it could have been the Chinese developing it as a VIRAL WARFARE BUG. The Chinese poisoning itself with it to cause a epidemic just doesn’t ring true. The US creating it and placing it in the market as an excuse to push Trumps agenda just like the Twin Towers theories that we used a false flag attack to justify the Iraq war is a much more logical concept, but still a totally ludicrous concept that is popping up now… Welcome to America where we believe just about anything…