Good morning folks. Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Especially to those still working with the public like the Dr’s, (and everyone in medical services wearing chemical protection suits), those who are in the grocery stores letting us TP hording, virus panicky, basic everyday people getting food and whatnot, running around spreading what ever colds and not just novel corona. To those stuck in home quarantine, (especially with young panicky kids). I could add a whole page of descriptions. We all have to deal with things never experienced before, all the way up to the POTUS,, UN, EU, Vladimir Putin, and you! Thanks for reading this. My prayers go out to all. Just like There are no atheists in foxholes (Soldiers always pray to a higher power) Whom ever your higher power be, Jesus, Allah, Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna, Odin. They all are sun gods, and it is sunshine that kills these pesky virus’s the best. SUNSHINE is the natural killer of the common cold. Which hopefully these never been used methods of creating tests, and a vaccine will kill. LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE!
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