History of Utah’s Earthquakes.

A history of Utah’s largest earthquakes
Via kutv.com

Below is a timeline of quakes felt here Utah, according to U of U Seismic Station:
1949: SLC M5.0
So it was the last quake this big in the SLC city area in 71 years, and the strongest one close to the Temple ever. So yeah with the pandemic, how many are going to ask themselves is it the prophesied end? Is it a sign of the times? Nobody is more prophecy oriented than Mormonism.
The synchronization of natural events always looks like a sign to the superstitious or highly religious.

The pandemic in my eyes… So Mom’s being a bitch and taking out a few of the vines choking out her garden. Simply balancing the force. ==

The Mother Gaia needs to take out China’s overpopulation and it’s the old Chinese superstitious that are the ones who like to eat weird wild animals they bring into those wet markets, believing in old wives tales of certain gifts they supposedly give.
The whole world is reaching overpopulated levels.
She needs to trim the old off the tree and the population large war’s usually reduce, has gotten smaller at reducing mass innocents KIA, as well as bulky losses of the forces themselves, for the highest technological forces.
She”s thinning the heard and reducing her losses on natural animals etcetera. Those believing we have dominion over nature doesn’t respect it enough. We will be the death of ourselves if we kill off the bees.
Also at these times the dark secret societies (not all are dark) worship of old Gods and wanting to watch it get even bigger like when the gulf War was televised, the news of mass casualty, as they feed on certain human loss / sacrifice and death energies. Then the prophecy of end times some hope brings God back, or the archetype of the son of God returning, for the polytheist.
The German Occultist in WWII were celebrating death around the time Nazis popped up.. White / Aryan were better than them fascists will be all bunched up with weapons when it becomes martial law.
When it was over the US Occultists brought them to the states, the scientists, the forces didn’t get defeated they just moved to the states. The Neo-Pagans, Wicca and some dark secret societies that gained popularity with the young adults in the 80’s are in the midlife stages of karma on their path. So those that believe they are worshiping darkness are up to no good as always. The natural darkness of religion that in truth is just “balance” from “The Force”. It’s natural and sad but necessary. It just has the Dark side fear mongering death lovers dancing to the symphony of destruction no doubt.

  • 2020: Magna M5.7
  • 1992: St. George M5.8
  • 1989: So. Wasatch Plateau M5.4
  • 1962: Magna M5.2
  • 1962: Cache Valley M5.7
  • 1961: Ephraim M5.0
  • 1949: SLC M5.0b
  • 1921: Elsinore M6+-
  • 1910: Elsinore M5.0
  • 1909: Hansel Valley M6+-
  • 1901: Richfield M6 1/2 +-