Utah Earthquake

Via M 5.7 – 4km NNE of Magna, Utah

  • 2020-03-18 13:09:31 (UTC)
  • 40.751°N 112.081°W
  • 10.1 km depth

We had a second small shock so that’s better than another that was stronger but it can be days that it goes better or worse. Was very wound up about things again yesterday. Now I might not sleep for 48 or more from anxiety about a bigger one.
That dot at the bottom right is my parents new residential area and they moved just before the virus hit Utah. As for today they were just barely past the quake effects line. It’s a Coal mining community and an earthquakes are bad news for mining. Earthquakes are a solar energy and electron-magnetic gravitation effects. Those who actually watch my Suspicious Observers videos are aware of his phone app for predicting earthquake potential hot spots. I doubt anyone has been paying attention though.
The science and Ben’s attitude is complicate and few watch more than one.
Those who are dedicated to the channel know that the government has been hiding what they know about plasma physics cosmology.
Who has paid attention? Please tell me I have some open scientific minds here…

5 thoughts on “Utah Earthquake

    1. Resolved? Because revolving is what my brain will do for days.. I tend to go manic when large events happen and it can last a day or months depending on what triggered the mania, and how I choose to use the extra-adrenal flow energies. The last big manic swing was 6 weeks long and I put it into climbing the mountain to lose weight. I think that’s what I’ll do… In fact that gives better odds that if a big one does hit I’ll be out of the house and up away from any mass hysteria..,. This viral thing my get us locked into home quarantine anyway in the long run, so taking advantage of the freedom to enjoy nature while I can is a great thing to do and it helps stop the bug from getting stronger anyway. Thanks for an inspiring comment. 😀


        1. I’mm getting better at catching myself. I could barely write correctly 15 years ago. I used blogging to get better at English after a bunch of Grammer Nazis on Facebook were giving me shit about it. I use Grammarly these days. It’s a great app.


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