So. I’m writing my bestie about the few important things in the last few days Space Weather news, God: “Good morning Utah! here’s a quake to wake the end times fire inside you Mormon’s… I HEAR: Yeah, I’m surfing the galactic energy sheet that is now licking the edge of the heliosphere of your solar system and it took your solar system (that passed the galactic plane in 2012) until now to reach it. The Aztecs calendar had the galactic plane right but didn’t include the quantum science of Mayan God Quetzalcoatl’s spaceship, it’s quantum string navigation of it’s real electrogravitic space drive on the calendar. God: Oh yeah.
Here Alan watch this video on the cave drawings of electro gravitational waves in space plasma’s formations that the early men drew all over the world after running into the closest caves that look like stick figures with dots. They watched the sun throw plasma around space in bright lights. The glow in the “plasma agitation” the the quantum gravitation of ion strings causing plasma to glow between the sun and the planets that happened the last time the galaxy hit the galactic plane’s same quantum energy sheet. Destroyed much with gravitation caused earthquakes by the sun ramping up as the sheet hit it. Oh by the way. it melted the granite on the great pyramid. The  Mayan Quetzalcoatl was the Annunaki and their ship sat on one pyramid while the great pyramid used the planet’s natural energies to charge it. Just like Nicolas Tesla’s power device that America scientists at the time buried because it was free energy that was easily shared. The used heavy fuel robbed from the Graves of previous catastrophe cycles instead because it was already available from heating houses. If the world had gone with Nicola Tesla version flying cars and settlements all over your solar system by now. Not still Sci-Fi … Well, good luck getting the public to believe because of powers that want to control them doesn’t want them to belive the truth. Oh yes, there are more than one intelligent species to have lived here. Mars cooled faster and still had an Atmosphere for life to become humanoid. before your Dinosaurs walked the earth. Right now bang! it was 5 I’d say !