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Subject of the post is about a defected spy who had worked for KGB hunting Christians outside the Orthodox Russian forced faith, but became a different kind of Christian in the process and defected.
Sergei Nicholaevich Kourdakov
Сергей Николаевич Курдаков
March 1, 1951
I am fascinated with Russian history, and the “new Russia”

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  1. Thx 4 posting my essay on ur blog. Really appreciate it. Feel free 2 read more if u want 2.


    1. Your welcome! Okay, I will add you to my list of daily reads. I really like what I’ve browsed so far. Learning is always a good thing even at my age. I’m not super old but enough to need to improve retention through the memorization of things like languages. I read that someplace about memory and started French and Russian. lol anyway… Faith oriented positivists blogs are always a must follow for me. I love spirituality in all forms and take the parts my intuitive mind finds as the truth. I liked your vibe right off and dug in for a bit. Welcome new friend. 🙏👍🖖


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