Thanks for the likes :)

I appreciate all my followers and a big thank you to the everyday 5 to some days 10 who like everything I post. It keeps me motivated and means a lot! My subject matter is not always for everyday / everyone kind of posting. I LIKE THE FRINGE, I tend to walk paths few will take take. I will eventually attract a handful of other similar blogs, but people who are into deep esoteric, occult science, and Alchemy tend to be outsiders not joiners. Many are antisocial even when using social media. They are contradictions even to themselves if they haven’t actually learned to communicate with their guide spirits, and realize the influence of angels, demons etc, when studying these subjects. I just found a nasty comment from the blogger I re-posted the Divine Mind – Hermes Trismegistus post that was so nicely done. I forgot I was sort of prompted to turn on comment screening by my Angels one night and had completely forgot I HAD. I will respond to her privately. I also had some very nice comments I’ll post and email the commentators an apology. I will do my best to return the loyalty that has been shown to me! Thank you all so much!