“waltz” a poem by Short Prose

You can find it here — featured in Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen

I waltz into an empty ballroom
yesterday the ghost of Maja haunted Goya in the streets
hungry demons haunted you
effervescence, the molecules of those who’ll never be,
a door gets slammed
a key gets turned
the breath of earth is choked
my hair gets caught deep in the coldness of the stars
my fingers trace a rainbow in the inky sky
I buried our wedding bands
inside the mist of that which never is
I snow on you white flowers from the one forbidden tree
I jump like a wild lynx
I look for prey
you make pianos sneeze old rhapsodies
it is too late to understand
who’s me

© 2019 Gabriela M. Who can be found here @ “waltz” — Short Prose